State-of-the-art SAC

Comtest Engineering bv has just completed, together with the local partner H-Test, a state-of-the-art semi anechoic chamber for Continental Automotive in Ostrava, Czech Republic. The chamber fullfils the requirements of the Standards CISPR-25 & ISO 11452-2 for automotive emissions and immunity on car components.
Its size is 6.450 m (L) x 5.550 m (W) x 3.675 m (H), the walls and ceiling are 100% lined with ferrite tiles and HT-25 polystyrene absorbers 25 cm deep are applied to selected, critical areas of walls and ceiling. The HT-25 absorber combines is high performance with a compact size and offers a high performance and user-friendly test environment.
The test table, compliant to the CISPR-25 requirements completes Comtest supply.
After the antenna test chamber built by Comtest for Continental in Timisoara in October 2013, this is another successful delivery to the Continental organization, meeting the high standards of testing and quality control on their products.
Comtest thanks H-Test for the fine co-operation and Continental for their trust, which has led to another successful project.