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Framed antenna test chambers

Comtest brings this innovative concept to the market as a do-it-yourself building kit. The required materials are accompanied by a instruction manual and a set of drawings enabling everybody to build their own antenna test chamber. The expected shielding effectiveness of the framed ATC chamber will be approx. 20dB at 1GHz and approx. 40dB at 10GHz. For most microwave test applications our high performance polystyrene absorbers provide a sufficient degree of transfer attenuation making a RF shielded room superfluous. Comtest high performance, broad band, carbon loaded polystyrene absorbers have a modular design that consist of a separate base plate and tapers. Other benefits are that the product is light weight, rigid and has a superior tensile strength.

Frame technology
The framed chamber design approach is based on a light weight easy connect frame system. The profiles are CNC pre-cut and individually labeled for easy handling during the assembly of the chamber. Standard mounting materials are used to connect the individual profiles. For extra stability the frame can be mounted to the floor of the parent building. The frame technology can be applied to both small and larger antenna test chambers.



Door technology
The entrance doors provide access to the full anechoic chamber for test engineers as well as test equipment. The doors are constructed in a very effective way resulting in the following features:
  • Low force operation
  • Doors can be locked with a standard key-lock
  • Absorbers can be affixed to the door leaf

These entrance doors are available two models:
  • 1769-0821 (800x2100mm)
  • 1769-1221 (1200x2100mm)
The hinges can be both left and right sided. Comtest can design tailored designed doors to every size.