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RF shielded rooms accessories


The obvious and most important modules of RF shielded rooms are RF shielded panels and RF shielded doors. On top of that the following key accessories are used to assemble the RF shielded room.


Various standard dimensions are available to meet different air ventilation requirements.

Wall entry panel

Wall entry panels are used for mounting connectors and waveguide feedthroughs.

RF connectors

RF connectors are used to ensure good RF shielded feed through of various cables for communication purposes with test equipment or equipment under test (EUT) / devise under test (DUT).

Raised computer floor for RF shielded rooms

The raised computer floor is constructed using standard anti-static floor tiles onto adjustable pedestals, in order to withstand an minimum average max. load of 200 kg/m2.  A raised computer floor system provides a flush and threshold less entrance to the control or amplifier room when a EMC facility is built inside a pit. Another advantage of a raised computer floor in a RF shielded room is to facilitate ducting for cables and electrics.

Floor Entry panel

Floor entry panels are positioned in the raised computer floor in a control or amplifier room.

Floor Access panel

A floor access panel provides easy access under the raised computer floor in a control or amplifier room.

Mains power line filters

The power-line filters attenuate interference in the form of conducted emissions from the power mains.  They will also limit the radiated emissions in a properly shielded system.

Data and signal line filters

These low-pass filters have been designed for feed telephone-, control and data lines feed through of the shielded wall of an anechoic chamber, reverberation chamber or RF shielded room.

Fiber optic Ethernet converters

High-speed communication links such as Ethernet require a fiber optic converter system to pass through the shielding properly.

Waveguide feedthroughs

A waveguide feed through is required to enter a RF shielded room, while maintaining its RF shielding effectiveness level.  Waveguide feedthroughs are used for various applications. The most common are to penetrate the shielding of the shielded wall for:
•    Fiber optic cables
•    Liquids
•    Exhaust smoke

RF shielded rooms lights

The type of light used in a RF shielded room depends on the use of the shielded room. A RF shielded room used as control or amplifier room as well as data protection can be equipped with fluorescent lighting while a conductive test room needs an emission free spot light model 1840-070.

The available standard lights for RF shielded rooms are:

Part nr.    



Fluorescent lighting
Fluorescent lighting
EMC cold lamp
Emergency exit-light
Test in progress


Light armature 2x36Watt
Light armature 4x18Watt
Spot light 70Watt
Emergency exit-light 2x8Watt
Test in progress light

Inner finishing of RF shielded rooms (upon customer request)

The standard inner finishing of walls is constructed of plasterboard white wall-panel decoration with plastic cable-ducting installed at 1.000 mm height from the inner floor. The ceiling is constructed of a suspended ceiling system with diffusion grills in front of the honeycomb air-flow grills.

The floor can be finished with a top layer of (anti-static) vinyl.  The color can be chosen among the Comtest available range. The max. load is of 200 kg/m2.