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Tempest shielded rooms


Uncontrolled distribution of secure information for governments, military or financial institutions can be caused through conducted wires and cables as well as radiation of equipment such as computers. To avoid this uncontrolled distribution of secure data there are two possible solutions. The first one is to use special designed (Tempest) computer systems which comply with specifications such as SDIP standards. Those tempest computer systems are expensive and the product life time is limited. For larger MER rooms with a series of computers a more efficient solution might be considered. For such data centers a high performance RF shielded MER room will provide a cost-effective solution with several additional advantages.
Tempest shielded rooms for applications such as meeting rooms and computer server rooms / data centers are designed to protect classified information and control the radiation of electromagnetic signals. Comtest shielded rooms provide a RF shielding effectiveness of more the 100dB over a wide frequency range. Using Tempest shielded rooms to house computer systems enables the customer to use so called COTS, Commercial Of The Shelf,  equipment. As a result the RF shielded data centre can be considered as a cost effective solution. Replacing standard equipment housed in a Tempest shielded room will not need a system rack confirmation test against the Tempest standard specifications, as the Tempest shielded room itself full fills this specification. Additional to this advantage, cooling within a MER room is easier then cooling individual Tempest qualified computer racks. The application of a Tempest shielded room can easily be integrated in the security access system. Using a SAS controlled entry system with two doors in a sluice controlled by a security system will avoid unwanted opening of the MER room.
Comtest is well experienced in designing and installing Tempest shielded rooms for government and military customers. For almost each project Comtest designed special feedthroughs such as cooling water feedthroughs and feedthroughs for exhaust outlets for emergency generator systems. Upon request the RF shielded doors can be equipped with special mounting materials for burglary protection. A Tempest facility certificate can be issued by an independent certified institute.